HR Analysis is the leading provider of human resources management based in Crete. We provide a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to HR management, offering services in areas such as HR Management, Benefits Management, Payroll Management and Risk Management arising from the employment of staff in small and large companies.

Whether you are a major market player who wants to improve the HR Management of your company or a small company that does not yet have the resources to manage its human resources, Human Resource Analysis can help you!

Our HR consultants have extensive experience which they use to resolve any issues that arise in the workplace.

We work hard and try to meet the needs of each company individually with the services we offer so that the daily operations in your workplace are Safe, Hospitable and yet Productive!

Our Values

At HR Analysis, we are proud to provide the best possible HR support to our clients. To ensure we maintain high standards of service delivery, HR Analysis has established a set of values that reflect our skills, our vision and the way we operate.

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Our people

We take care of our people so they can take care of your company. For our company, it is the people who constitute its driving force. That’s the reason why we are constantly investing in their training and development.

Evaluation & Improvement

We are proud of the quality of our service, as we offer you the highest level of support. We regularly seek feedback from our customers in order to improve our services.

Confidence & Trust Integrity

We work with confidentiality and integrity to protect and grow your company. Our clients know that we are on their side and that we will use every practice to help them optimize their company. We keep our promises and ensure that we are straightforward and transparent in every step of our cooperation.

Innovation & Development

We seek innovation in our field in order to develop our customers and our company. We are constantly reviewing our range and quality of services to ensure that we are competitive and provide excellent service. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our HR Services

HR Analysis offers comprehensive HR management services that give you the freedom to run your company effectively.

As your company grows, you need the flexibility to monitor, manage and run your company.

HR Analysis will plan, direct and coordinate the HR management functions of your company. We oversee the search, interviews and recruitment of new staff. We consult with top executives for strategic planning and serve as a liaison between your organization’s management and your employees. See below for a comprehensive list of the services we offer.

Human Resources Management

We provide our clients with a cost-effective solution for managing their HR department. 

Employee Benefits Management

We develop attractive employee benefit management packages that will benefit you and your employees.

Specialized Payroll Management

We contribute to the productivity and profitability of your company with specialized payroll management services.

Human Resources Risk Management

We assess and address the HR risks that may arise in your company.