Have you ever wondered how much time and money your company could save if you didn’t have to struggle with time-consuming payroll processes?

Thanks to its payroll management specialists, HR Analysis can prove to you how much more productive and profitable your company can be.

Our team performs payroll services with accuracy and efficiency.

We relieve you of the stress of payroll management at every level of its application. When you cooperate with us, your only obligation will be to pay your employees according to the payroll statement you receive from HR Analysis.

We undertake all the responsibility and make sure your payroll is timely and efficient.

Our payroll management services are:

  • Monthly payroll procedure (salaries, extraordinary payments, overtime, sickness, advances, loans, benefits in kind)
  • Monthly procedure for calculating and electronically submitting insurance contributions and Payroll Tax
  • Provide payment receipts, payroll statements, accounting articles and any payroll printouts requested
  • Processing bulk payments of employees through export of a file to a bank and electronic sending of their payment receipts if requested
  • Statistics on staff and remuneration
  • Cost budgets
  • Remuneration of members of the Board of Directors, Company Managers
  • Management and electronic submission of all forms in the electronic application ERGANI Information System of the Ministry of Labor
  • Representation in the Greek insurance institutions
  • Human Resources Services (Employee Tabs, Leave Book, Overtime Book, Employee Contracts, participation in subsidized programs, etc.)
  • Provision of consulting services on insurance and labor issues as well as accurate information to clients on any changes in labor and insurance legislation
  • Cooperation with specialized and experienced Partners in cases of special issues (Employers, Lawyers, Auditors, etc.)

Specialized payroll services of HR Analysis help companies effectively. We are dedicated to providing the best services available in your Payroll Management.

Online Payroll Management

Payroll management is one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes a company faces when managing its personnel. At HR ANALYSIS we offer you an online payroll management solution and that is why we can support businesses from all over Greece.

See the demo of the online platform Tax Tips which we use to manage our clients’ payroll.

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